Limping Off Into the Sunset

Since 2004 fans have tuned into HBO each Sunday to catch up with Vince Chase and his crew.

Loyal viewers have seen Vince pull himself up from a poor kid from Queens to the star of the highest grossing film of all-time, Aquaman. All along the way Entourage has treated fans to great phrases like “Let’s hug it out bitch,” and compelling characters like Ari Gold.

During season three, Entourage hit it’s peak. After that, things started to unravel.

First it was Vince firing Ari, followed by the uninteresting season which focused solely on how bad Medellin was. The whole time it was Eric fighting with Ari, Vince and Billy Walsh to get things his way only to be trumped and have the movie flop at Cannes.

The subsequent seasons got worse when Vince fell into bankruptcy and eventually became a drug addict who dated Porn Star Sasha Grey.

Now in their final season, Entourage had a shot to go out on top. Instead this season has been uncompelling storyline followed by bad cameo followed by uncompelling storyline.

True fans like myself don’t get how creator Doug Ellin has managed to screw up the eight episode conclusion, and with only one episode left to redeem themselves, I don’t see Entourage leaving a good taste in fans’ mouths.

Vince is chasing a journalist who doesn’t date actors yet she invited recovering addict Vince out to drinks. Turtle has fallen ass-backwards into money because of Vince and can now open a restaurant. Eric is going to be a father but is hated by his baby momma. Drama is back to work on his cartoon Johnny Goes Bannanas and his made-for-TV movie about the Chilean miners. And finally, Ari’s wife (finally found out her name) has filed for divorce and is dating Bobby Flay but Ari wants her back.

This winding tale of sorrow has transpired due to the fact that at the end of each episode a seemingly dramatic moment or ultimatum occurs without resolution. Now with only one 31-minute episode left I don’t see how everything gets resolved or how Ellin creates something even remotely close to a cliffhanger that fans care about.

Will it go the way of Happily Ever After and leave fans smiling and warm at heart with Vince finally finding love, Eric marrying Sloane and moving to New York, Turtle becoming a successful entrepreneaur on his own, Drama being a TV-star, and Ari getting back together with Melissa? Or will we be forced to summon what little emotion remains for the show and care that none of the guys get what they want and hope for a movie to resolve the issue?

Side Note: For those of you unaware, the original plan was a shortened season (done) that would lead to a movie which would finally end the series. Now it seems they are setting up poor storylines for the movie, which according to Adrian Grenier is on for now.

Either way it is beyond time for Entourage to end it’s run as one of the most culturally impacting shows on television and step aside like Brett Favre, three years too late and with a tarnished reputation.

Entourage is fading away...


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