The Best Hats in Baseball

Baseball caps have been a huge part of American culture for years. Be it a way to identify with your team, or a way to accessorize (even though the team happens to be a rival of your towns team), it’s an apparent fact that baseball caps are a huge enterprise.

The current 30 MLB teams (including the Expos/Nationals) have had many different styles throughout time and for this post, I thought I would rank my Top 10 of all time. For the most part these hats are vintage styles that should be seen more often, but some are the timeless classics that will never and should never change. So take a look and let me know what you think.

1. Baltimore Orioles: 1975-1988







2. Toronto Blue Jays: 1977-1993







3. Montreal Expos: 1969-1991







4. Los Angeles Dodgers







5. Milwaukee Brewers: 1975-1978







6. Chicago Cubs







7. Atlanta Braves: 1972-1980







8. Detroit Tigers







9. Anaheim Angels: 1997-2001







10. St. Louis Cardinals


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