You Want This, Don’t You?

As most of you probably know, Star Wars is set to finally be released on Blu-ray Friday, Sept. 16.  If you’re like me, you have already heard about – and maybe even already seen – some of the changes made to the films.

Now I have been a die-hard Star Wars [original trilogy] fan for pretty much my entire life.  There’s nothing I would love more than to get the original theatrical cuts on a home video medium that isn’t 15 years out of date.  I belong to the church of “Han Shot First”, I like to believe Hayden Christensen has never even seen Return of the Jedi, and I cringe a little bit when I see the small (but completely unnecessary) changes evident in each film.  Every time George Lucas alters his classic movies, I am just as upset as anybody.

The thing about these changes though, is that I hate them but I keep coming back for more.  Lucas is doing to me what Emperor Palpatine did to Luke in Episode VI.  He knows that the more changes he makes, the angrier I am going to be.  But he also knows that I want those Blu-rays, just as the Emperor knew Luke wanted his lightsaber.  I might resist for a while, tell myself that I don’t need them, act like I’m up in arms about the alterations, and tell people why they should hate them too, but eventually I will buy the Blu-rays and put them on as soon as I get home.

Emperor Lucas has me right where he wants me.  He knows that people like me are going to keep pouring money into this franchise even though nothing good has come out of it since 1983.  He knows that I want, rather I have to see what these movies look like in beautiful high definition.  And if I don’t own Star Wars in the most current home video form, then I must not be as big a fan as I think.  And what’s the only thing worse than having to hear Darth Vader scream “Nooooo!” as he turns on the Emperor?  To stop being a Star Wars fan altogether.

Unlike some people, I don’t hate (or pretend to hate) George Lucas; after all, without him we would have never had Star Wars in the first place.  The bottom line is I just wish that as I stay a loyal and paying fan of the franchise, I don’t have to continue watching Lucas alter the films.  And then pray he doesn’t alter them any further.


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