Weekly Review: The Office Season 7

Every week one of our columnists will do a review of a recent or soon-to-be released movie, television show or movie.

This week I will be writing about The Office Season 7 which was released last week on DVD and Blu-ray.

For those of you who are looking to start The Office, do yourselves a favor and do not start with this season. While it does have its moments, (see more below but be warned about spoilers) there is enough of an existing storyline in the show that will be lost upon a new viewer. Instead take the time to start from at least Season 2. But if you are impatient, here is what you can look forward to.

This season, which happens to be Michael Scott’s final season starts off slow with a few gimmicky episodes that leave you confused and wanting more. But even with that there are some highlights which includes Andy performing in a local production of Sweeney Todd and Michael physically reprimanding his nephew/intern. During this time you are inundated with Erin and Gabes awkward relationship which obviously hurts Andy deeply.

The season takes a turn for the better with the “Costume Contest” episode where Michael dresses as Macgruber/Darryl Philbin while Gabe is Lady Gaga and Angela pulls off a very attractive “Sexy Nurse.” Oscar gets frustrated with his co-workers and laughs are plentiful in this years installment of a Halloween episode.

The real crux of the plot of the season occurs when Holly Flax returns to Scranton while Toby is a juror for the “Scranton Strangler” case. Holly, who had a relationship with Michael in season five,  comes back to Scranton while in a serious relationship with guest star Rob Huebel. Tensions flare, and eventually boil over when Michael confronts Holly and throws a gift from Huebel in the trash.

After that there are a few episodes of awkward moments until finally Michael and Holly are in a relationship again. At this point you still don’t see Michael’s exit strategy, but things start to take form during the “Garage Sale” episode when Holly discovers she must return to Colorado to be with her sick father. It’s at this point that Michael proposes in one of the most touching scenes in Office history.

After his proposal to Holly, there becomes the issue of who will replace him. Here is where the season starts to hit a low point with guest star Will Ferrell as Michael’s initial replacement who ends up incapacitated, allowing for Dwight to take over. Admittedly, Dwight Schrute as acting manager of Dunder Mifflin-Scranton is pretty funny, but soon after, a cavalcade of cameos make the season finale a forgettable blur.

Overall this is one of the better seasons The Office, but it still is a far cry from seasons two and three. But if you are a loyal fan of The Office and need to see this for the first time, or even need a refresher than this is a must have. This season has some outstanding pranks on Dwight, pretentiousness from Ryan, stupidity from Michael and funny lines from the supporting cast of Kevin, Meredith, Stanley and Oscar.

BONUS: Michael Scott’s directors cut of Threat Level Midnight

On the whole I would give it: ★★★☆☆

Best moment of the season:


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