Fictional Movies I Want to See Most

Our definition of a fictional movie is a movie that has never been made but instead exists in the realm of television and movies. Examples of these exist all over, from Home Alone to Seinfeld and especially in The Simpsons.

Really, there are too many to narrow down to a Top-10 list or to those that look like potential Academy Award winners. Instead I have compiled a list of movies that look the most interesting, funny, and even a few that could win awards. Each movie has the best line from it and a clip so you can bask in its glory.

Let me know about the ones I missed, because I’m sure I did.

Honky Grandma Be Trippin’

30 Rock

Classic line: Ya’ll kids better cut that out cuz this honky grandma be trippin!

  • As you will undoubtedly see in the clip below Tracy Jordan has starred in many great films, but few show nearly as much promise as Honky Grandma Be Trippin’. This film has the potential to be everything that Big Momma’s House 1,2 & 3 is and more since it stars the even more funny and multitalented Jordan.

Dr. Acula


Classic line: You ain’t takin’ anymore blood from my ho slappin hand

  • Dr. Acula, which if you take out the period and squish the words together make Dracula, has so much promise. He is a doctor who works in a hospital by day and attacks victims for their blood by night. Not only that but it stars Turk as a very believable pimp, and in later clip, Kim Briggs (Elizabeth Banks) as a victim of the doctors.

Passion of the Christ 2: Crucify This

Family Guy

Classic line: Let He who is without sin kick the first ass

    • The first of two Mel Gibson masterpieces to make this list has all the makings of a fantastic movie. There is action with Jesus fighting off gangsters. There is comedy with Chris Tucker and his proclivity towards drugs. And there of course is religion in Jesus’ rise from the dead to take on the world.

The Wedding Bride

How I Met Your Mother

Classic line: Go give love a roundhouse kick, right in the heart

  • Too often movies like to say that they are “based on a true story” or are from “real events.” This film, on the other hand, is based on a true story (from How I Met Your Mother) and tells the tale of Stella being engaged to a total jerk when she should be with her true love, a karate teacher to the underprivileged. Karate, love, Chris Kattan? Candoosville baby doll.

Da Derp Dee Derp Da Teetley Derpee Derpee Dumb


Classic line: Da Derp Dee Derp 

  • I mean I’ve seen Rob Schneider as a woman, animal and prostitute. What could be worse?

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (remake)

The Simpsons

Classic line: All in favor say die

  • If the original won an Oscar in black and white without gunfights and a massacre on the Senate floor I don’t see how the remake can’t win 10. Starring Mel Gibson, this version has Mr. Smith as a fighter who never considers taking “no” for an answer while the original had Jimmy Stewart as a soft pushover who only stuck around because of some kids. While the producers called this worse than Godfather III, I still think it would be great.

Rochelle, Rochelle


Classic line: A young girls strange and erotic journey from Milan to Minsk

  • Talked about but never seen, Rochelle, Rochelle is one of the most popular movies in Seinfeld. In theaters the gang tries to go see it, when it’s out on VHS George rents it, and then finally Bette Midler stars in a Broadway production of it. With all that hype I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t see it.

Queens Boulevard


Classic line: Are you kidding me? I am Queens Boulevard

  • At Sundance the New York Times said Vincent Chase might get nominated for an Academy Award for his performance. And even though he didn’t, it was still a good enough to convince Steven Spielberg that Vince should be in Aquaman. Luckily this movie is early enough in Billy Walsh’s career to be worth seeing.

Threat Level Midnight

The Office

Classic line: Heads I do it, tails I don’t. Best out of seven.

  • A production that fans were first introduced to in Season 2 finally came to fruition in Season 7. Michael Scarn is a former agent with the government who retired after his wife was killed by Goldenface. Now Goldenface has taken hostages at the NHL All-Star and Scarn has been asked by the President to free them. Everyone should tune in to see how he is able to pull it all off.

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