If only I were an Emmy Voter…..

The Emmys are upon us, and its time to break down my dream list of winners.  Part of my personal frustration with the Emmy voters is their tendency to pick the same winners over and over. It is nearly formulaic who wins, and risk taking actors are rarely rewarded. An actor must either be outrageously funny (Tina Fey), or  dark and damaged, (Bryan Cranston). The actors who are so subtle in their performances are rarely rewarded, even when their work deserves to be recognized.  With that said, here is who I think SHOULD win the Emmy, and who I think WILL win the Emmy.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series
Amy Poehler, without a doubt, needs to walk away with this award. She was pigeon-holed from the very beginning as the female Michael Scott, but in her three seasons on Parks and Recreation, she has far surpassed that. Leslie Knope is more than just a one-note character. She is driven, compassionate, hilarious, and selfless. Poehler injects life into every scene she is in with perfect delivery, and uproarious physical comedy. She even showed off her romantic chops during her heart melting romance with Adam Scott. 30 Rock is as hilarious as ever, and I love Tina Fey, but it is time for the voters to give someone else a chance. We don’t need the Emmy’s to go back to the way they were in the 90’s with only two women ever winning the Lead Actress Statue.
I adored Melissa McCarthy on Gilmore Girls and Samantha Who, but I think she should just enjoy the nomination for this year, same goes for Martha Plimpton, especially because I don’t know anyone that watches Raising Hope. And Laura Linney nominated for the Big C? Is the Big C even a comedy?
Who will win?    Maybe this is Poehler’s year. After a shaky start, Parks and Rec has really come into its own, and maybe Emmy voters will finally recognize that. If not, I see the Emmy going to Ms.Fey.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series
How the Emmy’s have managed to NOT give Steve Carrell his due is just beyond me. Michael Scott’s final season was as hilarious as it was heart wrenching. No longer was he just the annoying social obtuse boss. Michael Scott grew up thanks to Holly Flax, and by the time he left, he was a mature man ready to get married and start a family. If his performance this season isn’t enough to get him the statue, hopefully the fact that this was his last season is. Again, I love Alec Baldwin, but he’s becoming a little repetitive for my taste. No character development in five seasons.
Who will win? Hard to say, Alec Baldwin isn’t a safe bet this year, Louis C.K. might just be over Emmy voter’s heads.  For some reason Big Bang Theory is beloved by the Emmy’s, and this might be a repeat year for Jim Parsons. (Even though I hope it is NOT.)

Side note: Why in the world did Elizabeth Banks not win for best guest actress in a comedy? She.is.hilarious.

Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series:
I would love to see Jane Krakowski get some love this year. Jenna Maroney is a fantastic character, and Krakowski does a great job portraying the vain, oblivious C-List actress. My heart also goes out to Julie Bowen, who is sometimes hard to stand as Claire Dunphy, but plays the overworked, uptight mom perfectly. To be honest, I’m happy with any nominee BUT Jane Lynch winning. I enjoy Glee, but Lynch’s Sue Sylvester is so uninteresting to me. She’s mean! She’s taking down the Glee club! Now she’s nice, but only for a second! Mean, snarky comment! Boooring. Plus, she’s hosting, I’ll have had enough of her for one night.
Who will win? Unfortunately, I’m worried its going to Lynch or Betty White.

Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
Don’t get me started on this. The fact that both Nick Offerman AND Neil Patrick Harris were snubbed STILL bothers me. There were no two better supporting actors out there, and it is just plain stupid that they weren’t acknowledged. I am SO over Chris Colfer on Glee, we get it, he sings well and deals with being bullied for his sexuality. And Jon Cryer? Zzzzzzz. Since my two favorites can’t win, I want to see this go to Ty Burrell. Phil Dunphy is the coolest dad on television, and Burrell’s ability to switch on the bad cop routine was my favorite moment from Modern Family this season. He’s funny without being a caricature, and loveable without being stupid or gullible. It’s hard to choose Burrell over Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Ed O’Neill, but in my heart of hearts, Phil Dunphy’s “peer-enting” deserves the win.
Who will win? Ed O’Neill. I’m sure of it.

Lead Actress in a Drama Series
I’d love to see this go to Connie Britton. She is more than just 5 season’s worth of “y’alls” and “come on now’s.” Her chemistry with co-star Kyle Chandler alone makes her worthy of the Emmy. Plus, I want her hair.
Who will win? Julianna Margulies. Emmy voters love performances like her’s on The Good Wife.

Lead Actor in a Drama Series
I’m wishing on a star that FNL sweeps their nominated categories. Kyle Chandler all the way. There is no other character on TV that I would want to be my dad, AND be married to at the same time. That sounds so creepy and so wrong, but I can’t explain it, and I’m sure devotees of the show know what I’m talking about. His nuanced portrayal of Eric Taylor is beyond words. The way he can convey so many emotions with his signature stare says it all. He is also one half of my all time favorite couple on television. Sorry Jim and Pam.
Who Will Win?  Steve Buscemi or Jon Hamm, and even though it will break my heart, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Mizzou Alum walk away with the statuette.
Supporting Actress/Actor in a Drama Series Don’t watch any of the shows that these actors are nominated for. You tell me who should win and who will win.

Comedy Series
Parks and Recreation is ready to win this award. After a condensed, awkward, fumbling first season, Parks and Rec has grown to be a laugh out loud comedy with great writing, great characters, and good stable plot lines. It still has the freshness of a new comedy, the spirit that the Office lost back in season four. Modern Family is still a fabulous show, but it wasn’t as consistent as Parks. Glee was much too spotty this season, I don’t care at all about the Big Bang Theory, and 30 Rock is just more of the same. The Emmys have never given The Office its due, and I don’t think they’ll start this Sunday.
Who will win? Modern Family or 30 Rock. They just will.

Outstanding Drama Series
You already know what I’m going to say. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. This show got dealt the worst hand in television. It was too beloved by critics, and not enough by fans. Moved to the graveyard that is Friday night, only to be saved by Direct TV. Budgets slashed, shortened seasons, this show still managed to make me tear up every episode. There is nothing wrong with this show, except maybe Julie Taylor. I am a person that HATES change, and I thought I could never love a non-Panther team, but those writers and those actors, they made me LOVE the Lions, and the entire new cast. A difficult feat for any show, but FNL did it beautifully. Snubbed for five years, it will kill me if I don’t see the cast on stage as the show closes.
Who will win? Ugh, probably Boardwalk Empire or Mad Men. Thumbs down for predictability.

There you have it, my dream picks, and my rational picks. Feel free to agree, disagree, and let me know what you think of the nominees and tell me your picks. I’m especially interested to hear any opinions about the supporting categories for drama. Watch the Emmy’s, Sunday at 8 PM. And come back Monday to get my recap and thoughts on the show!

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