Foo Fighters Review

I caught my first Foo Fighters concert over the weekend, saddled with nothing but the highest of expectations for a tremendous show. While I always attempt to keep my sights set low for any kind of entertainment experience, this particular show proved to be the exception with the overwhelming flood of great reviews I had heard over the past four months. Even with an outstanding performance already set in my mind, I was not prepared for the show I actually saw.

The Skinny:

The Foo Fighters are a true reflection of their fearless leader, Dave Grohl, whose passion and love for his music and his fans shines brightest while on stage. It was the best concert that I have seen at this point in my life. The sound quality, atmosphere and sheer energy throughout combined for a flawless night of classic favorites and new hits I will not soon forget.

Why I Loved It:

They would not stop playing. After playing for two-and-a-half hours, they held a broadcasted debate backstage about how many songs they would do for the encore. Ultimately they decided on eight, the same amount of songs that Rise Against played in the opening set. I was hoarse after an hour of screaming like a little girl, and it boggles my mind to ponder how Dave’s throat has survived after all of these years with Nirvana and the Foo Fighters.

Why I Hated It:

It is acceptable to drink a few at a show that collectively lasts five hours, but to show up hammered and boo nonstop during the entirety of two opening acts is not cool. That would describe the large man-child sitting behind me who also managed to spill three or four Bud-Select 55s into our row. The tipping point came on the way out of the building as he crowded every inch of my personal space while laughing hysterically. As my friends always say in similar situations, “I remember my first beer…”

One Song From The Archives: ‘Stacked Actors’

This song is much harder and upbeat than I remember, and it was a great thing to see live.

One Song For You To Learn: ‘These Days’

I am big fan of the Foo Fighters’ new album, Wasting Light, and I have loved this song from first play. Dave prefaced this one by saying that it might be his favorite song that they have done to this point, and it is definitely one of my favorites.

Best Performance Of The Night: ‘Monkey Wrench’

Yes, I am biased on this one, but this song forces you out of your seat. Sadly enough, I attribute its popularity with the younger crowd because of its appearance on one of the Guitar Hero games. Nonetheless, Dave took charge of the crowd and even turned the lights off before bursting into the famous ‘One Last Thing’ war cry.

If you still have time to see them on this tour, do it. If not, make sure to catch them next time around.


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