NCAA Power Rankings


Week 3 Rankings

1. Oklahoma (2-0) – The Sooners beat FSU in a slow defensive battle and could have some trouble against the underrated Missouri Tigers this week. OU stays at one, but looks like they might leave the Big 12.

2. Stanford (3-0) – Luck and the Cardinal blew out a good Arizona team last week and have their first bye-week this week with rival UCLA waiting two weeks in advance. Stanford moves up from number three.

3. Wisconsin (3-0) – Wisconsin looks to be the only good team in the Big 10 this year after killing a decent Northern Illinois team. The Badgers get South Dakota next week after moving up from number four last week.

4. LSU (3-0) – The Tigers and Jarrett Lee continue to surprise me after a handy win against Mississippi State last week. LSU moves up from number five and gets to face possible future conference member West Virginia this week.

5. Boise State (2-0) – The Broncos dominated Toledo and get to stomp Tulsa next week. The Broncos fell from number two last week due to a weak schedule compared to the other top teams.

6. Alabama (3-0) – I won’t be convinced this team is good enough to compete for a National Championship until they beat somebody good, like Arkansas next week. Alabama is up from number seven.

7. Texas A&M (2-0) – I’m convinced A&M is going to beat Okie Lite next week after watching them breeze by Idaho. Texas A&M is up from 12 last week.

8. Oklahoma State (3-0) – The question with this team is can their offense constantly outscore everyone to make up for their defense. The Cowboys get Texas A&M next week in what looks to be a great game. The boys stay at eight.

9. Nebraska (3-0) – Nebraska gets to recover from their revenge win against Washington with Wyoming. The Huskers move up from 11 last week.

10. Oregon (2-1) – After an easy win against Missouri State, Oregon will face Arizona next week… I’m starting to feel bad for the Wildcats. Oregon sticks at 10.

11. Arkansas (3-0) – The Razorbacks get to put Bama to the test in what is the most interesting game in the SEC thus far in 2011. Arkansas is up from 13.

12. Florida State (2-1) – FSU played Oklahoma pretty close, but they couldn’t put together any consistent drives after getting rocked by OU’s killer linebacker trio. FSU is down from 6, but still looks to win the ACC with a tough game against Clemson this week.

13. South Carolina (3-0) – They keep pulling out ugly win after ugly win… I’m not sure this team will survive the SEC season. They get to make Vandy look good this week. South Carolina is down from number 9.

14. Florida (3-0) – Florida has moved up in the rankings by default. They have a very athletic team, but I don’t think they can compete against the big boys in the SEC. The Gators get Kentucky next and are up from 17.

15. Virginia Tech (3-0) – Like South Carolina, the Hokies just have some ugly wins this year. They get Marshall next week after having trouble with Arkansas State. The Hokies are up from 16.

16. West Virginia (3-0) – The Mountaineers pulled out a nice win against Maryland last week, but I don’t think they’ll be undefeated next week after playing LSU. West Virginia is up from 18.

17. Clemson (3-0) – Clemson beat ranked Auburn by two scores last week and get Florida State at home in a fun game this week. Clemson is up from just outside the Top 25 last week.

18. South Florida (3-0) – I don’t put much stock in anything South Florida has done yet, but hey, they’ve looked pretty good for the most part. The Bulls are up from my watch list last week.

19. Missouri (2-1) – Missouri blew out a cupcake last week, but have Oklahoma on the road this week. I’d be surprised if they can pull out a win, but this team is much better than the 20 point spread Vegas is giving OU. Missouri is up from 21 last week.

20. Baylor (2-0) – The Bears blew out SF Austin last week and get to do the same to Rice this week. I don’t trust a one man team, but if anyone can carry a team it’s Griffin III. Baylor is up from 22 last week.

21. Georgia Tech (3-0) – The Yellow Jackets killed Kansas last week with a record amount of rushing yards. The triple option continues to kill Big 12 teams. North Carolina next week might be a tad tougher than lowly Kansas. Georgia Tech is up from the watch list.

22. USC (3-0) – The Trojans are getting it done in a non-flashy way this year and have a test against ASU next week. USC is up from the watch list.

23. Michigan (3-0) – The Wolverines have a tough looking San Diego State team next week, I’ll take San Diego State in this game. Michigan is up from 25.

24. Illinois (3-0) – Illinois barely sneaked by ASU in a close game at home. Illinois gets a cupcake before the Big 10 season starts. Illinois is up from being non-ranked.

25. Arizona State (2-1) – Look above. ASU gets a chance to redeem itself against USC next week. The Sun Devils dropped from 15.

Other notable teams: San Diego State, Michigan State, Texas, Ohio State, TCU

Fell out of rankings: Michigan State, Ohio State, TCU, Mississippi State, Auburn


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