Week 6 College Football Power Rankings

Week 6 Rankings

1. Oklahoma (4-0) – The Sooners killed Ball State winning 62-6 and have a big game next week against Texas in the Red River Shoot-out.
Last Week: 1

2. Alabama (5-0) – Everyone on the Crimson Tide defense will end up in the NFL, on the other hand their offense is one-dimensional.
Last Week: 6

3. LSU (5-0) – LSU had a monster game against West Virginia, but didn’t look very good against Kentucky… probably just an off day.
Last Week: 4

4. Stanford – The Cardinal continued their streak of blowouts last week and will most likely carry it on at home against Colorado this week.
Last Week: 2

5. Wisconsin (5-0) – The Big 10 looks like a joke this year. The Badgers ran over Nebraska and there’s a good chance they go undefeated this year.
Last Week: 3

6. Boise State (4-0) – There’s a good chance Wisconsin has an easier schedule than the Broncos.
Last Week: 5

7. Oklahoma State (4-0) – Killer offense, bad defense. They could score 100 against Kansas next week.
Last Week: 8

8. Clemson (5-0) – This is the best I ever remember seeing Clemson play. Side note: There are a lot of Tigers in these rankings.
Last Week: 17

9. Oregon (3-1) – The Ducks are finally on the right page, but they need some of these top teams to lose for them to make a BCS bowl.
Last Week: 10

10. Arkansas (4-1) – The Razorbacks looked unstoppable against A&M at the end of the game, good thing the Aggies can’t close a game.
Last Week: 11

11. Georgia Tech (5-0) – I don’t think anyone knows how to stop the triple option/play-action bomb offense.
Last Week: 21

12. Michigan (5-0) – Denard Robinson is single-handedly carrying this team, but when they finally play a good team I think they’ll get run over. Watch out for Northwestern next week.
Last Week: 23

13. Illinois (5-0) – I’m sure plenty of Illinois fans have suffered heart attacks this year, they like to keep things a bit too close.
Last Week: 24

14. Arizona State (4-1) – Their only loss was on the road to Illinois by a hang nail.
Last Week: 25

15. Florida (4-1) – They have speed, but ultimately they are too young and have a horrible QB.
Last Week: 14

16. Auburn (4-1) – I don’t know what to think about this team, they’re all over the spectrum. But ultimately they win games.
Last Week: Unranked

17. Nebraska (4-1) – Their weaknesses shined against Wisconsin, but they’ll probably still rack up at least ten wins in the Big Snore though.
Last Week: 9

18. Virginia Tech (4-1) – I like the athletes this team has on defense, but they are too conservative on offense and need a couple losses from Clemson to get back in the BCS picture.
Last Week: 15

19. Missouri (2-2) – The fourth Tigers on my list put up a very close game to the best team in the country and have both a great young QB and RB. If the defense puts things together they could win out.
Last Week: 19

20. Florida State (2-2) – The Seminoles badly need E.J. Manuel back. They are a young team with a lot of skill, and will their reach peak… next year.
Last Week: 12

21. West Virginia (4-1) – They got rocked by LSU at home, so they’ve shown they can’t hang with the big dogs, but they’re a solid second tier team.
Last Week: 13

22. Texas A&M (2-2) – The Aggies are obviously one of the best teams in the country, but they need to close out their games.
Last Week: 7

23. Michigan State (4-1) – The Spartans only loss came against an improving Notre Dame team. They get Ohio State, then Michigan. Should be a fun next couple weeks.
Last Week: Unranked

24. South Carolina (4-1) – They just can’t compete in the SEC without a good QB, not matter how many Lattimores and Jefferies they have.
Last Week: 13

25. Texas (5-0) – I’m finally giving this team a little credit, but don’t take things over board… they did only beat Iowa State.
Last Week: Unranked

Other notable teams: Baylor, Kansas State, SMU, South Florida, Notre Dame

Fell out of rankings: Baylor, South Florida, USC


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