College Football Power Rankings (Week 7)

Week 7 Rankings

1. Oklahoma (5-0) – The Sooners made Texas look like an FCS school last week.  Now they get to put up 70+ like their little brothers did last week on Kansas.
Last Week:  1

2. LSU (6-0) – LSU dominated a weak Florida team just as I thought they would. I really don’t think they’ll lose until possibly Alabama, but I think the Tigers are the better team.
Last Week:  3

3. Alabama (6-0) – The Crimson Tide shut out Vanderbilt… what a surprise… Ole Miss is the lucky victim next week.
Last Week:  2

4. Stanford (5-0) – The Cardinal continued their streak of blowouts with the Buffs last week. This might be the most underrated team in the country for a top ten team, they are in zero National Championship discussions, except mine!
Last Week:  4

5. Wisconsin (5-0) – Another day another dollar, no fall in the rankings on a bye.
Last Week:  5

6. Boise State (5-0) – The Broncos absolutely murdered Fresno State in Fresno’s final season as a WAC member.  They’ll probably beat CSU by 70 next week.
Last Week:  6

7. Oklahoma State (5-0) – I was close in my prediction of a 100 point win against Kansas. They get to beat overrated Texas this week.
Last Week:  7

8. Clemson (6-0) – This Clemson team could burn right through the ACC this year, but Maryland is no pushover.
Last Week:  8

9. Oregon (4-1) – The Ducks are lighting it up and would easily be the number one team had they held onto the ball and gotten a victory against LSU in week one.
Last Week:  9

10. Arkansas (5-1) – The Razorbacks have a crazy good offense and could give LSU trouble in the final week of the regular season.  Bye week coming up.
Last Week:  10

11. Georgia Tech (6-0) – I don’t think anyone knows how to stop the triple option/play-action bomb offense. Virginia has no chance.
Last Week:  11

12. Michigan (6-0) – Denard Robinson is single-handedly carrying this team. I have no idea how they’re 6-0, they would be 3-3 at best in the SEC or Big 12.  Michigan State might end their streak this week.
Last Week:  12

13. Illinois (6-0) – I’m sure plenty of Illinois fans have suffered heart attacks this year, they like to keep things a bit too close. They can definitely beat Ohio State on a down year.  The Big 10 is horrible.
Last Week:  13

14. Arizona State (5-1) – Their only loss was on the road to Illinois by a hang nail. ASU plays Oregon this week, let’s see if Dennis Erickson can work some magic.
Last Week:  14

15. West Virginia (5-1) – The couch burners blew out UConn in a nice conference win, but that doesn’t mean they’re getting in the SEC.
Last Week:  21

16. Virginia Tech (5-1) – Tech played another horrible game, nearly losing to a pitiful Miami team, but pulled out another close win.  Nothing wrong with a team that wins, no matter how ugly.
Last Week:  18

17. Nebraska (5-1) – Nebraska nearly lost to the zombie Ohio State team, but pulled it together at the end of the game.
Last Week:  17

18. Texas A&M (3-2) – I really like the Aggies this year, but they need to close some ball games to keep a Cotton Bowl bid within reach.
Last Week:  22

19. Michigan State (4-1) – The Spartans have had two weeks to prepare for Denard Robinson and the Wolverines, let’s see if they can get it done.
Last Week:  23

20. South Carolina (5-1) – They are the biggest question mark in college football, maybe they found their QB and will fix all of their problems (Garcia).  We’ll have a better picture if they beat Mississippi State.
Last Week:  24

21. Kansas State (5-0) – This team isn’t very good, they are solid though.  Missouri should have won last week, but shot themselves in the foot all game and horrible play calling didn’t help.  KSU just doesn’t make mistakes and lets the other team beat themselves.
Last Week:  Unranked

22. Baylor (4-1) – Robert Griffin III killed Iowa State and will put up a fight against the Aggies next week, maybe this time the Aggies won’t suffer a horrific fourth quarter loss.
Last Week:  Unranked

23. Houston (6-0) – Yeah they’re in Conference USA, but they have a Heisman candidate in Case Keenum and you just can’t ignore 6-0.
Last Week:  Unranked

24. Georgia (4-2) – Georgia has been beasting it since their early losses to Boise State and South Carolina.  Mark Richt’s job may be saved yet, The Dogs get Vandy next.
Last Week:  Unranked

25. Florida (4-2) – This is what happens when you get blown out by LSU and Alabama in back-to-back weeks.  This team isn’t bad, they just can’t play with the big dogs.
Last Week:  15

Other notable teams:  Notre Dame, Auburn, USC, South Florida, Missouri

Fell out of rankings:  Auburn, Missouri, Florida State, Texas


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