The Funniest Fictional Commercials

A few weeks ago we posted a collection of some of the most promising movies that exist in the realm of television and film.

That got us thinking there are way too many worthy additions to limit this topic to just the one list. We started mulling over all of the great fictional movies, TV shows, and commercials that both deserve recognition and, more importantly, are just fun to watch again.

We were continually reminded of more and there was seemingly no end, so we just decided that there’s no reason to leave any out. For that reason, we will periodically release a new list of some of the best of these moments.

This time, we are highlighting a few of our favorite fake commercials:


The Simpsons

  • When it comes to the best fictional TV shows/movies/commercials, I don’t think anybody outdoes The Simpsons. There’s a good chance they will have a presence on just about all of our lists. One of my personal favorite moments from the show is the commercial for the Springfield Bi-Monthly Science Fiction Convention, better known as Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con. From the “aliens” narrating the commercial, to making fun of the Star Wars droids, to the spinning heads of Mark Hamill and Alf, it’s one of the most memorable fictional ads I can think of.

Mintos: The Freshmaker

Family Guy

  • The best Mentos commercial spoof I’ve ever seen and possibly the most hilarious Lincoln assassination joke ever made. I don’t even know what else to say about this clip, it’s basically pure genius. In other words it is exactly what Family Guy used to be. I couldn’t find the clip anywhere on it’s own, but click on the link below and the Mintos commercial starts off the episode.


Bob Loblaw

Arrested Development

  • One of the greatest ways to be introduced to a new character that I can think of. It seemed almost impossible to replace Barry Zuckercorn (he’s very good), but Bob Loblaw fills the void quite nicely. For a clip of under 20 seconds, this commercial is an excellent spoof of low budget ads and delivers a couple of fantastic lines.

Tracy Jordan Meat Machine

30 Rock

  • This ad has everything. An outrageous product, it makes fun of dumb infomercials, it has a “doctor’s” endorsement, and a couple of ridiculous claims, such as “bread is one of the worst things in the world.” Any scene that includes both Tracy and Dr. Spaceman is going to be good, but this is one of the best. The product being advertised and the commercial as a whole are completely over the top, so it works perfectly with these two characters.

Taco Town

Saturday Night Live

  • This is actually one of the videos that started getting me back to watching SNL. It’s not the best bit they’ve ever done, but I love how the whole thing just gradually gets more absurd. It starts off “advertising” what looks like a regular taco, but soon enough it’s so big that it needs its own tote bage filled with hot sauce.

Taco Town

Mexico vs. Portugal

The Simpsons

  • I know, another Simpsons clip, but it’s too good to leave out. It’s a nice spoof of the Monday Night Football ads while perfectly capturing how Americans view soccer. People like me see the sport exactly the way it’s described here, as low scoring with a bunch of ties between countries like Mexico and Portugal. This one might even top Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con, so just enjoy.

Shower in a Briefcase

Second City TV

  • One of the more memorable skits from a show that today doesn’t get nearly the credit that it deserves, Martin Short pitches the convenient product in the event that you need a quick shower while on your way to work. For only sixteen bucks, the Shower in a Briefcase offers a surprising amount water and blow dryer power. If only this were real…

Nobody Beats The Wiz


  • I love that Elaine breaks up with Puddy for this guy, only to realize that he was the spokesman in these stupid commercials. The only thing bad thing I have to say about this ad is that the commercial itself is outdone by this moment.

So that’s it for now. If there’s anything we missed or something you think we should include in our next list, feel free to email us at


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