College Football Power Rankings (Week 9)

Week 9 Power Rankings

1. LSU (8-0) – The Tigers defense knows how to make big plays which is their best method of scoring.  They have a more balanced offense than Alabama, but lack the home run threat Bama has in Trent Richardson.  Why do I keep comparing these two teams?  Because they play each other November 5th in a de facto National Championship game.
Last Week:  2

2. Alabama (8-0) – The Crimson Tide have the best defense in the country and one of the best running backs to pound their offense forward.  Unfortunately their passing game is almost nil.  I can’t wait for the Bama/LSU game in two weeks.
Last Week:  3

3. Stanford (7-0) – I don’t understand why Stanford is not ranked higher in the AP Poll.  They have blown out everyone this season, they have the best QB prospect in at least twenty years, and they have one of the best offensive lines in recent memory.  It’ll all come down to beating USC next week and Oregon on November 12th.
Last Week:  4

4. Oklahoma State (7-0) – Everyone knows the Cowboys can put up points, but I don’t think they have a defense capable of keeping up with any of the teams ranked ahead of them on this list, or Oklahoma for that matter.  Bedlam will choose their destiny this season.
Last Week:  6

5. Clemson (8-0) – Clemson is by far the most surprising team to me this season.  Sammy Watkins, a true freshman, is a Justin Blackmonesque beast, while sophomore QB Tajh Boyd is doing his best Chase Daniel impression.
Last Week:  8

6. Boise State (7-0) – Boise State will most likely go undefeated and still fail to make the National Championship game due to their horrible strength of schedule.
Last Week:  7

7. Oregon (6-1) – The Ducks are definitely first in line of the one-loss teams in my opinion and could eventually pass Boise State on this list with wins against USC and Stanford.  Since week one they have blown everybody out and had the best chance of every team against LSU. It’s a shame they fumbled about five times that game, which is why you don’t play the best defense in the country the first game of the season.
Last Week:  9

8. Arkansas (6-1) – Arkansas barely scraped out a win against Ole Miss after being down majority of the game.  The Razorbacks need to buck up and finish strong if they want a shot at the Sugar Bowl this year, but that means they would have to beat South Carolina and rival LSU who still stand in their way.
Last Week:  10

9. Michigan State (6-1) – After defeating Wisconsin on a Hail Mary last week, after everyone thought the Big 10 was locked up for the Badgers, Michigan State will play their third consecutive tough game against Nebraska next week.  If the Spartans pull this off, they should play in the new Big 10 Conference Championship and have a shot at the Rose Bowl.
Last Week:  16

10. Wisconsin (6-1) – Their only loss came on a Hail Mary by Michigan State on the road, can’t fault them too much, but a loss is a loss in the National Championship hunt.  Plus the Badgers gave us one of the three best games of the season thus far.
Last Week:  5

11. Oklahoma (6-1) – I have no idea how they lost to Texas Tech, this is what happens to Bob Stoops and the Sooners every year, they lose one really bad game and screw themselves out of competing for a National Championship.  Oh well, odds are we’ll see them in the Fiesta Bowl against Boise State for a fun rematch.
Last Week:  1

12. Virginia Tech (7-1) – The Hokies still don’t have a very convincing win and most likely blew their shot at the ACC with a loss against Clemson.  They could win out this year and still make a BCS bowl if some teams in front of them blow a few games.
Last Week:  12

13. Nebraska (6-1) – Nebraska hasn’t done anything to show me they can compete for a National Championship this year, but they can compete for a Big 10 title.  The game against Michigan State this week is crucial for a Big 10 title run.
Last Week:  13

14. Texas A&M (5-2) – Skill wise the Aggies are one of the best teams in the country and in my honest opinion should be a top five team and undefeated right now.  Crazy come backs by Oklahoma State and Arkansas highlight Mike Sherman’s weaknesses as a coach.
Last Week:  14

15. Kansas State (7-0) – I still feel like this team isn’t very good, though they probably have the best coach in the country this year.  Bill Snyder pounds the ball down people’s throats and plays solid defense while waiting for other teams to shoot themselves in the foot.  I still don’t think they’re good enough to compete with Texas A&M, Oklahoma or Oklahoma State though.
Last Week:  15

16. South Carolina (6-1) – Marcus Lattimore being out for the season will hurt and could cost them a chance to win the SEC East this season.  At least South Carolina finally cut Stephen Garcia, they’ll have to pull out some miracles to win the East now.
Last Week:  17

17. Houston (7-0) – After missing last year with injury, Case Keenum is having his best season yet and makes a strong case for the Heisman behind Andrew Luck and Trent Richardson.  Houston is blowing out everyone, yeah they play in the MAC, but a season of blowouts doesn’t lie.
Last Week:  18

18. Michigan (6-1) – As I’ve said before Michigan is pretty much a one-man-team behind Denard Robinson, they’re just lucky that their one man might be the best player in college football.
Last Week:  18

19. USC (6-1) – USC can’t play in a bowl game this year, but the Trojans have their National Championship game next week against undefeated rival Stanford.
Last Week:  25

20. Arizona State (5-2) – The Sun Devils like many of the other teams near the bottom and middle of this list didn’t have a game last week, but should compete for a championship in the underrated Pac-12.
Last Week:  21

21. Georgia (5-2) – Mark Richt and the Bulldogs started their season on shaky ground, but look to finish strong in the SEC.  They could be a Cotton Bowl team this year, can’t fire Richt after that.
Last Week:  22

22. Penn State (7-1) – I’m not sure if I didn’t trust this team because they are in the horrible Big 10 or if I didn’t trust them because their coach sits up in a press box, but Penn State looks to be a program on the re-rise… yeah, I said re-rise.
Last Week:  Not Ranked

23. Cincinnati (6-1) – Why isn’t anybody talking about this Bearcat team?  Yeah, they have an easy schedule, but they could conceivably win ten games this year.  Zach Collaros isn’t the best QB in the country, but he’s pretty darn good and gets the job done ala Josh Freeman for the Bucs.
Last Week:  Not Ranked

24. Texas Tech (5-2) – The Red Raiders have come out of nowhere to throw up a pretty good season, literally.  The Raiders are ninth in offense and third in passing in the country.  After tough losses against ranked Texas A&M and Kansas State, Texas Tech pulled out a season making victory against Oklahoma.
Last Week:  Not Ranked

25. Syracuse (5-2) – The Orange have had a shocking season, their players are nothing to write home about, but their coaching is fantastic.  Their only losses were on the road against an underrated USC team and an double over-time loss to a very good Rutgers team.
Last Week:  Not Ranked

Other notable teams:  Florida, West Virginia, Iowa, Southern Mississippi, Georgia Tech

Fell out of rankings:  West Virginia, Illinois, Georgia Tech, Auburn


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