The Top 30 MLB Free Agents in 2012 (30-21)

A list of the top 30 free agents, still unsigned for 2012 and where I think they are heading:

30.  SS Rafael Furcal – The aging short stop won his first World Series after finally arriving in St. Louis after years of trade rumors.  Furcal’s productivity with a bat has gone down due to injuries, but he’s as good as ever in the field.

Current Team:  St. Louis Cardinals

Future Team:  St. Louis Cardinals

29. DH Vladimir Guerero – At his age nobody want Vlad in the field, but there is no question he can still hit.

Current Team:  Baltimore Orioles

Future Team:  Tampa Bay Rays

28. SP John Garland – Garland missed most of last year with an injury, but has found pitching success in the National League.

Current Team:  Los Angeles Dodgers

Future Team:  Washington Nationals

27.  CF Carlos Beltran – Beltran has been injured most of his career, but he has shown signs of productivity when healthy.

Current Team:  San Francisco Giants

Future Team:  Boston Red Sox

26.  1B Carlos Pena – Pena has a ton of power, but has a tough time hitting the ball higher than the Mendoza Line.

Current Team:  Chicago Cubs

Future Team:  Washington Nationals

25.  RF Jason Kubel – Kubel has played his entire career for the Twins and when he’s healthy he has a lot of success. But, Kubel missed a good chunk of the year to injury last year.

Current Team:  Minnesota Twins

Future Team Minnesota Twins

24.  2B Kelly Johnson – Johnson has put up multiple twenty plus homer years as a middle infielder and has shown a penchant to drive runners in, unfortunately for him he doesn’t have the best batting average.

Current Team:  Toronto Blue Jays

Future Team:  Chicago Cubs

23.  C Russell Martin – Martin has been one of the best catchers of the decade with the bat and had a very good year for the Yankees in 2011.

Current Team:  New York Yankees

Future Team:  New York Yankees

22. SP Erik Bedard – Bedard was having a very good comeback season until the Red Sox traded for him, though he still had decent success.

Current Team:  Boston Red Sox

Future Team:  Boston Red Sox

21. RP Ryan Madson – Madson had a great year as the Phillies closer and I can’t see them not bring him back.

Current Team:  Philadelphia Phillies

Future Team:  Philadelphia Phillies

For 20-11 go here.


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