The Top 30 MLB Free Agents in 2012 (10-1)

10.  RP Heath Bell – Bell is the best closer on the market this year.

Current Team:  San Diego Padres

Future Team:  Chicago White Sox

9. SS Jimmy Rollins – Rollins is the Derek Jeter of the Phillies.

Current Team:  Philadelphia Phillies

Future Team:  Philadelphia Phillies

8. 3B Aramis Ramirez – Ramirez is the Cubs best player, they have to keep him.

Current Team:  Chicago Cubs

Future Team:  Chicago Cubs

7. SP Mark Buehrle – Buehrle could very well retire, but I think he either stays where he’s comfortable with the White Sox or he ends up playing for a contender and trading in the color of his socks.

Current Team:  Chicago White Sox

Future Team:  Boston Red Sox

6. SP Roy Oswalt – The Rangers may lose out on Colby Lewis and one of the three big hitters this off season, so why not see if Texas native Roy Oswalt will come anchor their young staff for a couple seasons.

Current Team:  Philadelphia Phillies

Future Team:  Texas Rangers

5. SP C.J. Wilson – The Rangers will most likely lose Wilson in a bidding war, but they probably won’t care very much and will throw a ton of money at Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder to upgrade what is already the best lineup in the league.

Current Team:  Texas Rangers

Future Team:  Washington Nationals

4. SS Jose Reyes – Reyes is a beast and the Mets can’t afford to resign him in the middle of a rebuilding phase.  Imagine him on the Red Sox stealing bases with Jacoby Ellsbury and Carl Crawford… nope, the Giants will come out of nowhere for him.

Current Team:  New York Mets

Future Team:  San Francisco Giants

3. SP C.C. Sabathia* – Sabathia has an opt-out clause and if he does decide to opt-out, I think the Yankees can’t afford to lose him and will have to give the man more years.

Current Team:  New York Yankees

Future Team:  New York Yankees

2. 1B Albert Pujols – There is no way the Machine is going anywhere after a playoff run like this one.

Current Team:  St. Louis Cardinals

Future Team:  St. Louis Cardinals

1. 1B Prince Fielder – Fielder is younger than Pujols and is entering his prime.  Expect a lot of teams to throw a lot of money at him, but one team needs him more than any other to become the centerpiece of a movement to break a curse lasting over 100 years… that’s right, the Cubs.

Current Team:  Milwaukee Brewers

Future Team:  Chicago Cubs


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