College Football Power Rankings (Week 12)

1. LSU (10-0) – LSU had a scary game early against Western Kentucky, but blew them out in the second half.  With games against Arkansas and a likely SEC championship game against Georgia the rest of the season isn’t a cake walk.
Last Week:  1

2. Oklahoma State (10-0) – Oklahoma State likely has the easiest road to the National Championship, but still has to play Oklahoma for the Big 12 title.  If either LSU or Oklahoma State lose the BCS will be a mess again this year.  If both teams lose, keep your fingers crossed, the field will be so messed up we’ll be talking playoffs again.
Last Week:  3

3. Oregon (9-1) – Oregon and Oklahoma State have the best offenses in the country, it would be a lot of fun to see these teams play each other in the National Championship, but the Ducks still have to beat the under rated USC Trojans.
Last Week:  6

4. Alabama (9-1) – Bama had kicking troubles again this week after their kickers blew the LSU game, but they still managed to beat Mississippi State by a significant amount.  Bama gets a softie next week and Auburn in two weeks to finish off the regular season.
Last Week:  5

5. Oklahoma (8-1) – The Sooners still have a decent Baylor team and their rival Okie State Cowboys on their schedule.  If the Sooners win out there is a chance they could make the National Championship game.
Last Week:  7

6. Arkansas (9-1) – The field of play for the National Championship is so large the Razorbacks still have a shot at it if they can win out with games against Mississippi State, LSU and a possible SEC Championship matchup against Georgia.
Last Week:  9

7. Clemson (9-1) – We can safely assume Clemson no longer has a shot at the National Championship game, but with a BCS game on the line the Tigers need to finish strong against North Carolina State and South Carolina.
Last Week:  8

8. Stanford (9-1) – The Cardinal didn’t look very good against Oregon on Saturday, but they’re still the second best team in the Pac-12 and will make the Rose Bowl if Oregon can sneak their way into the National Championship.
Last Week:  2

9. Houston (10-0) – Case Keenum and the Cougars will likely go undefeated and find themselves in the Fiesta Bowl, but I’ve said the same thing about Boise State all year.
Last Week:  10

10. Boise State (8-1) – I believe Boise State kicked their way out of a BCS bowl for the second consecutive year with another missed field goal at the end of regulation.  I might be wrong about this, but I doubt the BCS takes more than one team not from a BCS conference.
Last Week:  4

11. Georgia (8-2) – Mark Richt and the Bulldogs started their season on shaky ground with losses to Boise State and South Carolina, but might be the hottest team in the NCAA besides Oregon.  The Bulldogs play Kentucky next week and with a win clinch the SEC East title.
Last Week:  12

12. Virginia Tech (9-1) – If they win out the Hokies should be in the discussion for a another BCS bowl.  Virginia Tech simply gets the job done every week, no matter how ugly it might get.
Last Week:  11

13. USC (8-2) – The Trojans are vastly under rated this year primarily because they can’t play in either a bowl game or a Pac-12 Championship game.  USC played Stanford to three over times and has a huge game, their National Championship, against Oregon next week.
Last Week:  13

14. South Carolina (8-2) – South Carolina has been all over the place this season, but has still managed to rack up eight wins thus far and have an outside chance at the SEC East title if Georgia bombs against Kentucky.
Last Week:  14

15. Nebraska (8-2) – The Huskers, like Virginia Tech, likes to win their games in dirty, gritty defensive/running games by close margins.  Nebraska stumbled against Northwestern, which very well might keep them from winning the Big 10 this year.  The Huskers still have Michigan and Iowa on their schedule so it won’t be easy to keep up with Sparty.
Last Week:  15

16. Michigan State (8-2) – The Spartans should easily win their final two games against Indiana and Northwestern and will win their division unless Northwestern or Indiana ruins their day like the Cats did to Nebraska.
Last Week:  16

17. Wisconsin (8-2) – If the Badgers wins out they should win their division and will likely face Michigan State in the first ever Big 10 Championship for a chance to play in the Rose Bowl.
Last Week:  17

18. Kansas State (8-2) – The Wild Cats dropped two in a row to Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, but put a stop to their losing skid in a quadrupole over time game against Texas A&M.  Is anyone surprised the best coach in the Big 12 beat the worst coach in the Big 12?  When will Mike Sherman get fired?
Last Week:  19

19. Michigan (8-2) – The Wolverines have a tough schedule ahead of them with a ranked Nebraska team next week and rivals Ohio State to finish the season.  I don’t see Michigan with a shot at the Big 10 Championship this year, but the Wolverines have had significant improvement in Coach Hoke’s first year.
Last Week:  21

20. TCU (8-2) – The Frogs upset Boise State as they missed a last second field goal.  TCU is a better team than I have been giving them credit for as both of their losses were in very close games to decent teams.  Their last two games against Colorado State and UNLV should be a cake walk.
Last Week:  Not Ranked

21. Florida State (7-3) – The Seminoles have been playing well since QB E.J. Manuel came back from injury.  I believe they’ve corrected the errors that hit them in the middle of the season and they should play in a good bowl game if they can handle a somewhat difficult ending to the season against Virginia and Florida.
Last Week:  Not Ranked

22. Georgia Tech (7-3) – The Yellow Jackets have one more difficult game left on their schedule against Georgia after losing to Virginia Tech last week.  The Jackets should make a good bowl game and give someone trouble against their triple option offense.
Last Week:  18

23. Penn State (8-2) – The Nittany Lions played Nebraska well even with the crazy pedophile stuff going on around campus all week, but they still have to play Ohio State and Wisconsin and I just don’t see them winning the division over Wisconsin.
Last Week:  20

24. West Virginia (7-3) – The Mountaineers rebounded against ranked Cincinnati after tough losses to Syracuse and Louisville.  For West Virginia to have a shot at winning the Big East in their last year in the conference they need to win out and hope the Bear Cats lose another game.
Last Week:  Not Ranked

25. Southern Mississippi (9-1) – The Golden Eagles barely beat a bad UCF team, but should still finish out 11-1 in a horrible conference with a bad non-conference schedule.  They will probably get blown out by Auburn in some bowl game.
Last Week:  24

Other notable teams:  Virginia, Notre Dame, Baylor, Auburn, Missouri

Fell out of rankings:  Auburn, Cincinnati, Ohio State


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