Take Your Pick: Week 11

What a week of football. Last weekend the Ravens blew it against the Seahawks while the Eagles disappointed yet again, this time against the John Skelton led Cardinals. This week there seems to be several upsets in store, potentially even from the Washington Redskins. Otherwise I’m not 100% what will go down, but I feel like I’ve picked some good upsets you will want to pay attention to.

All lines are courtesy of FootballLocks.com.

Last Weeks Record: 9-7
Season Record: 80-49 (.620)

Sunday, Nov. 19 games: (Home team in ALL CAPS and winner in bold)

ATLANTA -6.5 Tennessee

  • The Titans surprised me last week with their win, while the Falcons only surprised me with their play calling. Tennessee seems to be a trendy upset pick, but I can’t go against Matt Ryan in the Georgia Dome here.

MIAMI -3 Buffalo

  • Once upon a time the Bills were leading their division with a potent offense and scoring defense. Now they are underdogs to the once winless Miami Dolphins. Matt Moore has been doing well lately but I see the Bills digging in and winning what essentially is a season saving game.

BALTIMORE -7 Cincinnati

  • The Bengals surprised me with their performance last week against the Steelers. Granted they didn’t win, but they still showed a ton of heart and may still make the playoffs. This week they travel to Baltimore for what will be an extremely tough match-up. Without A.J. Green though it’s hard to imagine Cincinnati being in the game after halftime as Joe Flacco and Ray Rice cruise to victory.

CLEVELAND -1 Jacksonville

  • You could not pay me to watch this game. Jacksonville sports a good defense and miserable offense while the Browns have a mediocre (at best) offense and mediocre (at best) defense. For no other reason than my allegiance the Mizzou I will take the Jaguars and Blaine Gabbert here.

MINNESOTA -1 Oakland

  • After how dominating Carson Palmer was last weekend I don’t quite understand the line in this one. The Raiders could lead the AFC West after this game while the Vikings are still looking to see consistency from Christian Ponder. The Raiders should run all over Minnesota while Palmer sits back and picks apart the Minnesota secondary for another win.

DETROIT -7 Carolina

  • Detroit is on the verge of being another “once upon a time” team if they struggle again this week. Fortunately, as their slide is on the precipice, the Panthers come to town. And while Cam Newton has had one heck of a rookie season, the Lions are angry and look to regain their early season swagger. Even if Javhid Best isn’t 100% Detroit still should waltz through this one.

GREEN BAY -14 Tampa Bay

  • Josh Freeman looks up to Albert Haynesworth. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t. More than that exists in the analyses of this match-up but really why discuss it further? Green Bay stays perfect.


  • The Cowboys just beat the Bills (who beat the Redskins 23-0) 44-7. By the transitive property this game should be a blowout, but the Redskins are looking to salvage what little of a season remains. That fire mixed in with an above average defense is the perfect mixture for an upset. Washington takes this one with a late field goal from the streaky Graham Gano.


  • I cannot believe that if the 49ers win this game they will be 9-1. That being said, after this week that is exactly what they will be, .900 and one win away from a division title.

ST. LOUIS -3 Seattle

  • This is another match-up I would rather miss. St. Louis has been upsetting to watch while the Seahawks have been downright ugly. In Seattle’s corner is Marshawn Lynch, who is salvaging his career, while the Rams have Steven Jackson. A run heavy game comes down to the quarterbacks and Seattle still has Tarvaris Jackson so I have to go with the Rams.

CHICAGO -3.5 San Diego

  • As I said earlier this season, I am tired of believing in the Chargers and done not believing in the Bears. No matter how bad Jay Cutler is, Matt Forte continues to put this team on his back and lead them with a win. Norv Turner comes one loss closer to unemployment after this game.

NEW YORK GIANTS -5.5 Philadelphia

  • Vince Young is 0-1 with one interception thus far this season. This game should replicate those kinds of numbers as the Giants extend their NFC East lead.

Monday Nov. 21

NEW ENGLAND -15 Kansas City

  • Maybe last year I would have thought the Newer England Patriots could have beaten Tom Brady, but this year there is no chance. The Patriots will stomp the Chiefs and pad their lead in the suddenly weak AFC East.


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