College Football Rankings (Week 14)

1. LSU (12-0) – LSU is obviously in the number one spot, the question is do I think they will or should fall if Georgia beat them?  The answer is I do believe they’ll fall to the number two spot if they lose, BUT I think they SHOULD fall out of National Championship Contention.  As is my argument with and LSU/Alabama game I don’t believe it is right or fair that a team might make the National Championship after it can’t even win it’s own conference, it makes no sense.  Give me Oklahoma State or Georgia vs. Houston if LSU blows this game.
Last Week:  1

2. Alabama (11-1) – Yes, Alabama is the second best team in the NCAA, maybe the best.  They haven’t played Georgia and they didn’t win the SEC, therefore they don’t deserve a shot at the National Championship.  They would deserve a shot in a playoff scenario, but I just can’t see how it’s fair to create an in-conference National Championship when the Big 12 has had a proven more difficult strength of schedule than the SEC this year.
Last Week:  2

3. Houston (12-0) – As previously stated, I will argue until I die to get Houston into the National Championship game this year.  They deserve it more than teams who can’t even win their own conference.  They blow everyone out every week and will likely get left out of the National Championship, which is sad.  The Cougars still need to win their Conference Championship against a ranked Southern Mississippi team to reach a BCS bowl.
Last Week:  4

4. Georgia (10-2) – If Georgia wins the SEC, I believe they have more of a case than LSU or Alabama to play in the National Championship.  Yes, they lost their first two games, but this team is on fire and Aaron Murray is a beast.  Georgia also has a very underrated defense and I am picking them for the upset against LSU in the SEC Championship game… though it may just be my subconscious hope for a playoff system.
Last Week:  6

5. Boise State (10-1) – Thanks to the horrible kicking Boise has likely killed it’s “at-large” bid unless Southern Mississippi can find a way to beat Houston.  If Houston loses, Boise will get a shot, in most likely the Sugar Bowl.
Last Week:  5

6. Stanford (11-1) – Stanford is a great team, but should not be considered for the SEC Championship after losing to Oregon and not getting a shot at the Pac-12 title.  Though they do deserve the “at-large” bid from a BCS bowl… See you in the Fiesta Bowl Stanford!
Last Week:  7

7. Oklahoma State (10-1) – I’m from the Show-Me-State, if the Cowboys beat Oklahoma they deserve a shot at the National Championship more than Alabama as the Big 12 Champions.  In my opinion Oklahoma State should be third in line after LSU and Houston for the Championship game, but if LSU or Houston falls nobody deserves more of a chance to win it all.
Last Week:  8

8. Virginia Tech (11-1) –  I’m shocked how they man-handled Virginia last week.  I still don’t think this team is very good and they’ve played weak competition, but Clemson is playing like crap and I don’t know if the young Tigers have the will to beat Conference King Virginia Tech.  We’ll most likely see Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl in a joke of a BCS bowl game against some horrible team from the Big Least.
Last Week:  9

9. USC (10-2) – The Trojans season is over and thanks to suspensions and such they lost their chance to play Oregon again in what would have been a great re-match for the Pac-12 Championship.  Instead we have to bear through Oregon beating down UCLA, whose coach was just fired.
Last Week:  10

10. Oregon (10-2) – Oregon should have a better case for the National Championship as future Pac-12 Champion than Alabama, but the system is broken and we’ll see Oregon play Michigan State or Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl.
Last Week:  11

11. South Carolina (10-2) – What a whipping of Clemson last week, just goes to show the SEC and Big 12 are by far the best conferences in football which leads me to wanting an Oklahoma State/LSU National Championship game… really anything but a LSU/Bama snoozer of a rematch.
Last Week:  12

12. Michigan State (10-2) – The Spartans play a shiny brand new Big 10 Championship game against Wisconsin, the winner will play in the Rose Bowl against Oregon.  For some reason I don’t think Michigan State will get as lucky against Wisconsin this time around, they’ll need to play superior defense to pull this one out.
Last Week:  13

13. Wisconsin (10-2) – The Badgers look to have ended their skid after blowing out Penn State.  I’ll give them the nod over Michigan State in the Big 10 Championship game sending them to the Rose Bowl…. over/under on Montee Ball rushing TDs is 3…. I’ll go over in a rout.
Last Week:  15

14. Oklahoma (9-2) – The Sooners are a very good team, but Bob Stoops blows big games every year.  He just can’t win under pressure and I wouldn’t be shocked to see radical Oklahoma fans calling for him to leave.  Their biggest game of the season is against Oklahoma State for the Big 12 title next week.  The winner gets the Fiesta bowl, if Oklahoma loses they might fall to the Alamo Bowl.
Last Week:  14

15. Arkansas (10-2) – This may be too big of a drop for the Razorbacks, but they have no defense.  No team should give up that many yards to an LSU offense that isn’t very good.  The Razorbacks are now looking at something probably between the Capital-One Bowl and the Chick-fil-a Bowl.
Last Week:  3

16. Michigan (10-2) – The Wolverines had a huge game against rival Ohio State and now have an outside shot at a BCS game, though I doubt they get the nod.  There would have to be a LSU/Alabama National Championship and Houston may have to lose for this to happen.
Last Week:  16

17. Kansas State (9-2) – Like Michigan, Kansas State has an outside shot at a BCS Bowl game, but might have more pull thanks to a higher strength of schedule than the Wolverines.  The Wildcats need only to beat Iowa State to end in at no worse than the Cotton Bowl against South Carolina or Arkansas.
Last Week:  17

18. Baylor (8-3) – Baylor has a huge game against Texas in what could end up as one of their best seasons every thanks to two players: Robert Griffin and Kendall Wright.  They’ll be pretty bad next year, so they might as well make the best of it and win out.
Last Week:  22

19. TCU (9-2) – The Frogs have already clinched the Mountain West title and play cupcake UNLV next week at home.  It’ll be interesting to see what bowl game TCU is invited to.
Last Week:  19

20. Nebraska (9-3) – The Huskers had a solid first season in an underwhelming Big 10 Conference and likely have nowhere to go but up from here.  Unfortunately for them their conference just got tougher with the quick reemergence of Michigan and the hiring of Urban Meyer at Ohio State.
Last Week:  23

21. Clemson (9-3) – Not a good game for Clemson against South Carolina, but the Tigers will end up in a solid bowl game and possibly the Orange Bowl if they can put it together and beat the biggest question mark team in college football, Virginia Tech in the ACC Championship.
Last Week:  18

22. West Virginia (8-3) – I’m confused about the whole Big East standings thing. I think West Virginia needs to win and Cincinnati needs to lose, though the Mountaineers are obviously the best team in the conference therefore I’ll throw them in as the Big East Champions and give them the Orange Bowl against Virginia Tech.
Last Week:  Not Ranked

23. Florida State (8-4) – The Seminoles were much, much better with E.J. Manuel in at quarterback, hopefully for them he can stay healthy next year and lead them to the promised land of resurgence in the college football landscape.
Last Week:  Not Ranked

24. Missouri (7-5) – This team has a ridiculous amount of talent for a five loss squad. Unfortunately for the Tigers, their kicker broke down this year and their play calling on offense and defense has been inconsistent.  The Tigers have a couple huge wins and a ton of very close losses, they have the most difficult schedule in the country, but will likely get snubbed by the Big 12 for a decent bowl game since they are leaving for the SEC next year.
Last Week:  Not Ranked

25. Southern Mississippi (10-2) – The Golden Eagles play Houston in the Conference USA Championship this week in what could determine Houston’s BCS and National Championship chances.  They are no pushovers, but after what I’ve seen Houston do to the other teams in this conference this year I’m not holding out hope for Southern Miss.
Last Week:  Not Ranked

Other notable teams:  Penn State, Virginia, Auburn, Cincinnati, Georgia Tech

Fell out of rankings:  Penn State, Virginia, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech

BCS Predictions:  This is who I believe should compete in these games, therefore I will not include the obvious SEC and Alabama bias when considering these match ups.

National Championship – Oklahoma State vs. Houston
…After Georgia beats LSU to win the SEC, Oklahoma State beats Oklahoma to win the Big 12 and Houston beats Southern Miss to win Conference USA we’ll see a shootout in the National Championship game.  Though it’s likely even if Georgia wins we’ll see LSU and/or Alabama in the National Championship… how does this make sense?

Sugar Bowl – Georgia vs. Stanford
…Georgia as the SEC Champion gets an automatic bid to the Sugar Bowl and will play the #2 at large Stanford.

Fiesta Bowl – Kansas State vs. LSU
…With Oklahoma State in the National Championship game Kansas State gets promoted to the Fiesta Bowl against the #1 at large bid LSU.

Rose Bowl – Wisconsin vs. Oregon
…Wisconsin wins the Big 10 Championship against Michigan State and Oregon wins the Pac 12 Championship against UCLA.

Orange Bowl – Virginia Tech vs. West Virginia
…Virginia Tech wins the ACC Championship against Clemson and West Virginia beat South Florida while Cincinnati chokes away the Big Least championship by losing to Connecticut.  Louisville beat West Virginia so maybe they would win the conference in this case… I’m really not sure and I don’t think anybody is, this conference sucks and just thinking about it is an annoyance to me, so whatever I’ll just list the obvious best team in the conference.

Alabama – They don’t deserve a BCS game after losing to LSU and Georgia wins the SEC Championship when only two teams from each conference can make a BCS game.

Boise State – According to the rules only one non-BCS conference team can make a BCS Bowl (Houston).

South Carolina/Arkansas/Michigan – The Big East gets an automatic bid and only two teams from each conference can make a BCS game killing BCS shots for these teams.

SOLUTION – playoffs.

One more note… Heisman rankings:

1. QB Robert Griffin (Jr., Baylor)
2. QB Andrew Luck (Jr., Stanford)
3. QB Case Keenum (Sr., Houston)
4. RB Trent Richardson (Jr., Alabama)
5. RB Montee Ball (Jr., Wisconsin)


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