Championship of the Post-NCAA Tournament

In a tournament that started with 12 teams, we are now down to the finals.

After Connecticut beat Arizona and Kansas beat Texas, now is the time to see the best team based on professional basketball players.

#2. Connecticut Huskies vs. #5. Kansas Jayhawks

Connecticut Kansas
Center Emeka Okafor Nick Collison
Power Forward Rudy Gay Drew Gooden
Small Forward Caron Butler Paul Pierce
Shooting Guard Ray Allen Kirk Hinrich
Point Guard Kemba Walker Mario Chalmers
6th Man Richard Hamilton Darrell Arthur

Kansas is not a bad team, but to me this one isn’t really even a contest. From the beginning I think UConn has had the strongest line-up top to bottom. Up front Emeka Okafor is one of the Top-15 centers in the league and while Rudy Gay isn’t a true power forward, his length allows him to defend bigger guys and create match-up problems at the other end of the court. Scoring is the real asset to the Huskies with Ray Allen, Caron Butler, Richard Hamilton and Gay all prolific scorers that can drive and spot up and shoot. The only real weakness was the question mark at point guard, but ultimately I think Kemba Walker is up to the challenge.

Up front for the Jayhawks are a few underrated guys who can rebound with the best of them, but can’t be relied on to score. Same goes for the guard position with a great defender in Kirk Hinrich and distributor in Mario Chalmers that would be able to contain Walker but likely not capitalize offensively. Paul Pierce is still an amazing player, but he is not enough to counteract the scoring that Gay, Butler and Allen bring to the table and he cannot defend all three. So I guess, in the end, the Connecticut Huskies could field the best team of pros today.


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