College Football Rankings (Week 15)

1. LSU (13-0) – Wow, I was wrong about LSU losing to Georgia… though it looked like they would in the first half the way their offense had been playing.  In my opinion Georgia shot themselves in the foot early, but LSU had a terrific second half and are obviously worthy of playing for the National Championship.
Last Week:  1

2. Alabama (11-1) – Yes, Alabama is the second best team in the NCAA, maybe the best.  They haven’t played Georgia and they didn’t win the SEC therefore they don’t deserve a shot at the National Championship.  They would deserve a shot in a playoff scenario, but I just can’t see how it’s fair to create an in-conference National Championship when the Big 12 has had a proven more difficult strength of schedule than the SEC this year.  They’ll most likely play in the championship, but I’d rather see LSU play Oklahoma State.
Last Week:  2

3. Oklahoma State (11-1) – The Cowboys had a huge win against Oklahoma and in my opinion should be playing for the National Championship.  Unfortunately Alabama will get the nod and we won’t get to see what might be the best offense in the country playing what is either the best or second best defense in the country.
Last Week:  7

4. Stanford (11-1) – They didn’t win their conference, which will likely finish with three top ten teams (if you count USC), but the Cardinal have a great team and will easily get an “at-large bid.”
Last Week:  6

5. Boise State (11-1) – Houston’s loss should leave an opening for Boise State to sneak into a BCS game, they most definitely deserve it even though TCU did beat them.  Boise was screwed by another kicker and I would much rather watch this team play a BCS game than TCU.
Last Week:  5

6. USC (10-2) – Unfortunately for the Trojans they can’t play in a bowl game, so they’re season is over.  This team was very good and definitely deserved a BCS bowl game… major props to Lane Kiffin for getting this team up every game when they couldn’t play for a bowl.
Last Week:  9

7. Oregon (11-2) – The Ducks will play Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl, which I am really looking forward to.  I haven’t been this excited about a Rose Bowl in a while, it should be fun.
Last Week:  10

8. Wisconsin (11-2) – They barely won against Michigan State in the Big 10 Championship, an amazing game until the final minute and a half where the Badgers punter flopped worse than a french soccer player, but this is obviously a good team and will play Oregon in the Rose Bowl.
Last Week:  13

9. Michigan State (10-3) – Rarely do I move a team up for losing, but the Spartans should have had a chance to beat Wisconsin at the end of the game if not for a punter crashing harder than Charlie Sheen on a cocaine binge.  They did beat Wisconsin earlier and by default should be labeled as an equivalent.
Last Week:  12

10. Georgia (10-3) – Mark Richt must have bombed his half time speech against LSU… yeah, we’ll go with that.
Last Week:  4

11. Arkansas (10-2) – The Razorbacks and the Bulldogs played incredibly similar games against LSU, they both had pretty sizable leads only to get blown out in the second half.
Last Week:  15

12. South Carolina (10-2) – It was a good week for SEC teams to not play in championship games, but I don’t play those games like the AP voters.  Georgia won the SEC East, not South Carolina.
Last Week:  11

13. Kansas State (10-2) – The Wildcats have a superior strength of schedule to Michigan and therefore deserve either the open Fiesta Bowl spot if Oklahoma State plays in the NC, or the open Sugar Bowl spot if Alabama plays LSU.
Last Week:  17

14. Clemson (10-3) – The Tigers had a huge win against a Virginia Tech team I’ve felt was overrated all year long.  I’m glad to see them in the Orange Bowl.
Last Week:  21

15. Michigan (10-2) – I don’t believe the Wolverines deserve a BCS bowl over some of the teams with similar records in better conferences, but they had a great year for a first year coach and will be incredibly dangerous in the near future.
Last Week:  16

16. Baylor (9-3) – If you don’t think Robert Griffin III is the best college football player in the country you’re insane.  Baylor should get the nod over Oklahoma for the Cotton Bowl against Arkansas/Georgia/South Carolina.
Last Week:  18

17. Virginia Tech (11-2) – I’ve said all year I don’t trust this team to win against good teams.  Looks like I was proved right in the ACC Championship.
Last Week:  8

18. Oklahoma (9-3) – The Sooners may have been singing a different tune this year if Ryan Broyles didn’t go down, it just shows how good of a player he actually is.
Last Week:  14

19. TCU (10-2) – TCU is a solid team, but I bet they would’ve only had six or seven wins in the Big 12 this year.
Last Week:  19

20. Nebraska (9-3) – The Huskers had a solid first season in an underwhelming Big 10 Conference and likely have nowhere to go but up from here.  Unfortunately for them their conference just got tougher with the quick reemergence of Michigan and the hiring of Urban Meyer at Ohio State.
Last Week:  20

21. West Virginia (9-3) – West Virginia won the Big East as they should have.  I don’t think this team is very good, they’ll have trouble against Clemson in the Orange Bowl.
Last Week:  22

22. Southern Mississippi (11-2) – The Golden Eagles played a perfect team against undefeated Houston and lost their poor conference tons of money, which is hilarious.  Fedora’s are in right now, don’t be surprised to see A&M, Texas or Ole Miss in on Larry.
Last Week:  25

23. Houston (12-1) – Kevin Sumlin and Case Keenum just saw huge drops in their stock after they blew the biggest game in the history of their program.  Houston will probably suck next year when both of these guys are gone.
Last Week:  3

24. Florida State (8-4) – The Seminoles were much, much better with E.J. Manuel in at Quarterback, hopefully for them he can stay healthy next year and lead them to the promised land of resurgence in the college football landscape.
Last Week:  23

25. Missouri (7-5) – This team has a ridiculous amount of talent for a five loss team, unfortunately for the Tigers their kicker broke down this year and their play calling on offense and defense has been inconsistent.  The Tigers have a couple huge wins and a ton of very close losses, they have the #1 most difficult schedule in the country, but will likely get snubbed by the Big 12 for a decent bowl game since they are leaving to the SEC next year.
Last Week:  24

Other notable teams:  Penn State, Virginia, Auburn, Notre Dame, Cincinnati

Fell out of rankings:  None

BCS Predictions:  This is who I believe should compete in these games, therefore I will not include the obvious SEC and Alabama bias when considering these match ups. I’ll make my predictions on who will win, with scores in an upcoming post once the actual bowl games are announced.

National Championship – (1) LSU vs. (3) Oklahoma State
As I said last week, I don’t believe anyone who can’t win their own division should have the right to play for a National Championship.

Sugar Bowl – (2) Alabama vs. (5) Boise State
Alabama gets the SEC bid and Boise sneaks in with an at-large bid after neither Michigan or TCU are high enough to clinch.

Fiesta Bowl – (13) Kansas State vs. (4) Stanford
Kansas State nabs the Big 12 bid against the other at-large, Stanford.

Rose Bowl – (7) Oregon vs. (8) Wisconsin
Oregon won the Pac-12 Championship, Wisconsin flopped their way to a Big-10 Championship.

Orange Bowl – (14) Clemson vs. (21) West Virginia
Clemson upset VT in the ACC Championship and West Virginia somehow won the Big East.

USC – They did it to themselves, but I still feel bad for the players.

Georgia/Arkansas/South Carolina – It’s tough to be in the SEC…

SOLUTION – playoffs.

Heisman rankings:

1. QB Robert Griffin (Jr., Baylor) – Even more obvious after a huge win against Texas.
2. QB Andrew Luck (Jr., Stanford) – Makes a decent Stanford team elite.
3. RB Trent Richardson (Jr., Alabama) – By far the best offensive player in the SEC.
4. RB Montee Ball (Jr., Wisconsin) – How many TDs does this guy need to score to gain respect?
5. QB Matt Barkley (Jr., USC) – If he could’ve played in the Pac-12 Championship and a possible Rose Bowl he may have been number one on my list.


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